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Breaking News: Absentee Blogger Resurfaces for Nonexistent Audience!

73. Alex C. -Chicago

74. Olga S. (@Postcrossing) -Obninsk

74. Mrs. Doll (@Send Something) -St. Joseph

75. my sister the second

76. LR McArthur (@Send Something) -Atlanta

77. Girlonaglide Juli (@Send Something)

78. Marissa M. -Boston

79. Malwina M. (@Postcrossing) -Poznan, Poland

80. Lauren A. -Denver

Life still hasn’t slowed down, but I have been getting great mail to respond to. This weekend I’m going up to visit my sister in Boston (that’s the second one) since my other sister (the third) ditched me to gallivant around China. I know. I live a hard life.

I do have several things I wanted to blog about though, so hopefully I’ll get around to that on my collective eight hours of bus travel. Thank god for wifi…

What kind of music do you guys listen to on long rides?

On another note, is anyone here on Postcrossing or other postcard exchange sites? I’ve been a member for about a month now and I have to say that I am less than impressed. I probably have the wrong expectations, being a letter writer, but I’ve been disappointed with the brevity and content of what people write. A sentence about how they live in such and such a city and maybe a gold nugget like their favorite quote (I do like those!) and it’s “Happy Postcrossing and goodbye!” Does anyone get postcards with more substance? Are they super uncommon? What do you expect from/hope for/find satisfaction in postcards?

I may drop Postcrossing and look up another site or two for letter exchanges.



Luck of the Irish

I have it. Yup.

Don’t let the name fool you: I am almost as Irish as they come. I’ve got Tullys, O’Hagans, and O’Malleys, not to mention the soil of counties Sligo and Galway and the sea wind of Clare in my blood.

I mean, honestly, how else can I explain the SIX pieces of mail that beamed up at me when I got home last night?!

Late last night, after experiencing St. Patrick’s Day shenanigans in what is plausibly the second most Irish city in the 50 states! Late last night, following the hands down weirdest encounter I have ever had in the NYC subway system! Late last night, after a several day long postal famine!

It must be luck.

Who Put Life on Fastforward?

How did it get to be mid-March? Seriously, my head is still at least a week behind where the calendar says I need to be at. It’s been a hard week for getting letters out, but I’ve been pretty good. I finally finished #64, making #58 the only one I need to polish off. This means I am technically back in the good graces of my rules.


69. Postmuse (@Orphaned Postcard Project) -Pittsburgh

70. Ganga -Spring Lake

71. Julie S. (@Postcrossing) -Isny, Germany

72. Maria K. (@Postcrossing) – Velikiy Novgorod, Russian Federation


All of a sudden I went from having too much time on my hands to having three separate students and a part-time job as a photo-editor. I need to sort myself out before I can do fun stuff like blog about all the amazing new stationery I have…

Keep Calm and Carry On

This is my motto this week. If I hold my breath and cross my fingers maybe nothing else will happen.

Thankfully I recovered my letters. I’ve even managed to finish off #63 (a tome) and keep up with #65 through 68. Now I just need to finish #64 and #58…


66. Linsey (@Send Something) -Tulsa

67. Sventlana K. (@Postcrossing) -Minsk, Belarus

68. Becky (@ Send Something) -Bethlehem


Fessing Up

It finally happened. I broke the rules enough that I need to confess my sins and be absolved.

In a perfect world where I am the epitome of organization and Murphy’s Law has been overthrown on grounds of constitutionality, the last several letters would look something like this:

58. Renee & Family (2011 Letters Project) -Roanoke

59. Alex C. -Chicago

60. Liz C. -Chicago

61. Stijn C. (@ Postcrossing) -Brussels (postcard)

62. Cora Beth T. -Chicago

63. Sharon D. -Seattle

64. Nick G. -Ann Arbor

65. my soldier in Iraq

In reality, I’m juggling #58, 63, 64, 65 at the same time. I’ve written every day–I promise!–but the past two days have just been like a chapter out of A Series of Unfortunate Events and I couldn’t pull myself together enough to finish off my letters to Sharon, Nick, and my soldier in a timely fashion. My contribution to 2011 Letters is already a whopping 6 pages of legal notepad paper with no end in sight and I have decided that I am just going to keep writing it until I can’t possibly have another word to say on anything, at which point I will go back and edit it into a hopefully coherent, interesting read.

Tonight and tomorrow morning have been blocked off for doing penance, and I will not rest until I finally have letters 63 through 66 written, beautified, stamped, and mailed.


EDIT: Were Life truly a chapter from A Series of Unfortunate Events, one might expect that upon opening her bag to pull out her current letter projects, the protagonist would find she had left them somewhere in Manhattan—to be perused and gossiped over by the very people who should see them least. Is there a reason I didn’t see this coming?

Would someone explain to me the justice in Murphy’s Law?

Blog Profile: 2011 Letters

I’ve come across so many great letter writing sites run by really interesting people that’s it’s sometimes hard to remember where I read what and who I wanted to write to. The solution? Blog profiles!

The first, 2011 Letters by Renee and her three daughters, is perhaps my favorite for its concept: learning about people from people themselves!

Renee’s girls are homeschooled, which gives them a lot of freedom for setting up a really creative curriculum that ¬†goes beyond the often dry, cursory informational blurbs the rest of us received from middle and high school textbooks. This year Renee’s family is trying to collect 2011 letters from real people all over the world to learn about other cultures, livelihoods, history, languages, values, customs and traditions, etc. Seems like a great use of primary sources!

Here’s what Renee says about the project on her blog:

I want to open the world to my daughters and show them that there is more to the world than what we see. I want them to learn about other cultures, other traditions, other languages, etc. I want them to learn what a textbook cannot teach them about humanity.

I’m in the midst of a long letter to Renee’s three girls, and I encourage everyone else to participate too! For more information, including the address, email Renee at reneealam AT


RIP Creativity

These images all come from several series of note cards from a really cool ebay store. In response to a query about combining shipments, the spokesman regretted to inform me that the stationery was a failed line and had been canceled.

Oh, my despair…

But seriously–what?! I don’t doubt him, but how could that happen? These are pretty awesome designs: vintage looking pin-up girls, circus scenes, zoo posters, old-school burlesque dancers, commercial advertisements, and a really interesting rendering of the zodiac (not pictured). I don’t find stationery like this often; in fact, most artistic stationery tends to be too feminine to appeal to me. I would have thought this place would have a robust niche market.

Oh well. RIP creativity. Anyone know where I can find similar designs?