Taking Stock: April

I was on a roll this month! I don’t know what it is, but the last week or so I’ve just felt really excited to write ALL THE TIME. It must be a combination of Spring energy and the book I’m reading, with the result that I sometimes sent out two bits of mail in a single day. Though I will still continue to write every day, this catches me up and puts me over my quota of 119 letters in 119 days.

Back to the monthly analysis: In the interest of full disclosure, I admit that I haven’t sent #58 to the 2011 Letters project yet—I didn’t like what I had written, so I want to revisit it and change some things around. It’s just so loooong at this point that I’ve been procrastinating. I also haven’t sent #102, but it’s just about done and ready to go.

I DID do a better job this month of balancing my new friends and acquaintances on the internet with people I’ve met in the flesh and blood. Thirteen letters went to online peeps and one to my soldier, leaving 19 to go to people who come from college (9), life (6), family (2), and job stuff (2). Part of that no doubt has to do with my birthday at the end of March. I asked for letters this year instead of Facebook wishes, so I had several exciting things from friends in the mail that week.

My favorite gift, however, hearkens back to this post in February. While I (politely) ransacked the store for the perfect pen, my friend remarked on the similarities to finding just the right wand in the Harry Potter series. I not-so-subtly hinted that maybe she could write a story about magic pens…AND SHE DID! I even get my own line of magic fountain pens! How is awesome is that, I ask you?

90. Maria R. -New York

91. Sarah M. -Arlington

92. Tiffany L. -Chicago

93. Dylan M. -Tuscon

94. Maria F. -Lincoln

95. Linsey (@Send Something) -Tulsa

96. Mello -Boston

97. Laura E. -Chicago

98. my sister the second

99. Grace H. -New York

100. Natalie L. -Livingston

101. Becky (@Send Something) -Bethlehem

102. Jamie D. -Chicago

103. Marton Posta (@Postcrossing) -Jilove, Czech Republic

104. David D. -Cork City, Ireland

105. Jenny S. -Blacksburg

AND PostMuse (Orphaned Postcard Project) – Pittsburgh

106. Jessica K. -Park Ridge

107. Misty D. (The Pen Thief) -Ravenna

108. Sr. Christian M. -Chicago

109. Sharon D. -Bellevue

110. my soldier in Iraq

111. Alex C. -Chicago

112. Limner -Katy

113. Nick G. -Ann Arbor

114. Elaine Mary P. -Cochrane, Canada

AND LR M. (@Send Something) -Decatur

115. Juli Girlonaglide (@Send Something) -Lande

116. Mrs. M. (@Send Something) -Appatomax

117. Lauren P. -New York

118. my sister the second -Boston (postcard)

AND Linsey (@Send Something) -Tulsa

119. Pam (@Postcrossing) -Blanchard


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