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Some pictures of stuff I’ve been up to this month.

I think I tend to be on the minimalist side of mail art—I really like finding a strong image and letting it speak for itself on an envelope. The tiger image I sent off to Becky Snailmailer is probably my favorite! She sends me such wonderful stickers; I’m glad I had a good spot to return one to her.

The little letter booklet was sent off to my friend Jamie, who wrote me a fantastic, very real letter about the uncertainties of knowing what we want from life. I wanted to do something special to let her know I really appreciated her letter, so I sewed together a little booklet that contained my reply. It was 24 pages, and bound with pale green thread that also let me make a thin bookmark for her. I did the lettering freehand, basing the letters almost squiggle for squiggle on the library book of Celtic alphabets that served as a reference for that crazy envelope project I did a couple of months ago. The envelope came from a pamphlet to the Boston Museum of Art. The bold colors are pretty awesome, and contrast nicely with Ms. Hepburn.

David mentioned that he loves carnivals, so that was the theme of my whole letter to him. I don’t have pictures of the awesome stationery I used, but I did my best with my meager artistic abilities to dress up the envelope. If you look closely you’ll see that the stamps are actually part of a merry-go-round! The scene on the back is a mishmash of what I imagine a good carnival might have. Elephants! Fortune Tellers!

The Pen Thief (AKA Misty Davis) got an envelope made from a gardening magazine. I almost didn’t want to write on it…. The awesome stationery came from Nut And Bee, a great self-run store out in New Zealand. Check out her website. You may fall in love and buy lots of Dancing Skeleton letter sets…

Finally, Misty got another letter from me this week! The stationery was nothing special, but I really loved the envelope! I accidentally lost it outside right before a rain storm, so the texture is all interesting. And those colors on the aprons are delish!

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127. Mayuri (@Postcrossing) -Ontario

AND Yuming (@Postcrossing) -London

128. Limner -Katy

129. Misty D. the Pen Thief -Ravenna

130.  Lee H. -San Mateo

131. Dustin (@Postcrossing) -Ranch Cucamonga

AND Tracey F. (@Postcrossing) -Red Feather Lakes

132. Scott E. -Hong Kong

133. Alex K. -Seattle


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