Taking Stock: May

Four for family members (Ouch. Kind of sucks in a way to have my sister home…)

Three for people I know from growing up here, studying in India, through other friends.

Seven for Send Something. I meant to do more there.

Twelve for Postcrossing. Clearly I’m a convert (and it’s a good home-from-work-at-midnight sort of thing).

Five for college friends, two of whom are quite decent correspondents.

Finally, four for people whose blogs I follow and enjoy.


120. Karen (@Postcrossing) -Virginia Beach

AND Lisa (@Postcrossing) -Little Rock

121. Becky Snailmailer (@Send Something) -Bethlehem

122. my sister the second – Boston

123. Liz C. -Chicago

124. L.R. McArthur (@Send Something) -Decatur

125. Mater

126. Tabatha H. (@Postcrossing) -Sorrento

127. Mayuri (@Postcrossing) -Ontario

AND Yuming (@Postcrossing) -London

128. Limner -Katy

129. Misty D. the Pen Thief -Ravenna

130.  Lee H. -San Mateo

131. Dustin (@Postcrossing) -Ranch Cucamonga

AND Tracey F. (@Postcrossing) -Red Feather Lakes

132. Scott E. -Hong Kong

133. Alex K. -Seattle

134. John R. (@Postcrossing) -Mont Clare

AND Shannon (@Send Something) -Bellevue

135. Alex C. -Chicago

136. Linsey (@Send Something) -Tulsa

137. Paula (@Postcrossing) -OShawa Ontario, Canada

138. Megin F. -Seattle

139. Chris F (@Send Something) -Swindon, UK

140. Angie (@Send Something) -Bridgeport

141. Ramya S. -San Carlos

142. A Year of Letters -Morton

143. Ganga – Spring Lake

144. Becky Snailmailer (@Send Something)-Bethlehem

145. John R. (@Postcrossing) -Mont Clare

146. Olive O. -Monroe Township

AND Jasmine (@Send Something) -Las Cruces

147. Willow (@Postcrossing) -New Westminster, Canada

148. Jessica K. -Park Ridge

149. Karina (Postcrossing) -Moscow, Russia

150. Limer -Katy


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3 responses to “Taking Stock: May

  • limner


    anyone home???

    where are yoou?

  • Wolfey

    I’m here?

    Dude – I barely have time to eat and sleep these days, let alone attend to my wonderful blog. I figured if I had to give things up it should be the lettertalk and not the letterwriting, right?

    BUT! My big time suck is ALMOST over!!! I am hoping that I will be able to get back to No Post on Sunday before the end of the year, since I have a crap-ton of names to post!

    In the meantime, I’m still at 226 Kelbourne Avenue, Sleepy Hollow, 10591!

  • limner

    Happy Valentine’s Day. 🙂

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