The Year of Correspondence is a letter themed project aimed at several things:

  • Connecting with new and old friends in an inherently thoughtful medium that carries a human touch
  • Writing something meaningful every day as an exercise in observation, insight, and clarity of thought
  • Journaling, as it seems I can’t bring myself to write without a purpose
  • Getting back in the habit of creative expression and embarking on new arts and crafts projects
  • Delighting in the English language!

This blog exists to keep me honest as I attempt to write/create one letter related item per day for the year of 2011. It’s also where I post my ideas, observation and insights, projects and Really Exciting Things as I go on. Hopefully, it will also be a place for meeting other awesome members of the online letter writing community!

If you’d like to be penpals (which would be so cool!) I’m registered at Send Something and PostCrossing as Wolfey, or can be reached at theyearofcorrespondence AT gmail.com.

I love getting all kinds of mail, especially mail art, letters, swaps of stationery or craft-worthy supplies, postcards, stamps, etc. And I will be so excited to write back!

Look me up and make my mailbox happy!



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