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Are You Hearing What I’m Saying?

I ran across these articles about email etiquette on the BBC and Wall Street Journal this morning. They were particularly interesting to me because they suggest that I am rather out of touch with not only my peers but my elders and professionals too. (I thought I was at least on the same page with the latter two.) Is it possible that what I mean and what others hear in my salutations and sign-offs are completely different things?

Despite a few more sources and an amusing reader’s email, the BBC basically regurgitates the Journal article, the gist of which is that the typical salutation, Dear, is outmoded and out of favor with email writers today. The Journal even suggests, “Across the Internet the use of dear is going the way of sealing wax.” How sad—I’m very fond of sealing wax…

The larger issue, however, seems to be a general tendency toward lax etiquette which begs the question: Does the decline of etiquette suggest a decline in courtesy? The Journal writes, “Email has come to be viewed as informal even when used as formal communication, leaving some etiquette experts appalled at the ways professional strangers address one another.”

A breakdown of For and Against. Because I clearly have too much time on my hands