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Breaking News: Absentee Blogger Resurfaces for Nonexistent Audience!

73. Alex C. -Chicago

74. Olga S. (@Postcrossing) -Obninsk

74. Mrs. Doll (@Send Something) -St. Joseph

75. my sister the second

76. LR McArthur (@Send Something) -Atlanta

77. Girlonaglide Juli (@Send Something)

78. Marissa M. -Boston

79. Malwina M. (@Postcrossing) -Poznan, Poland

80. Lauren A. -Denver

Life still hasn’t slowed down, but I have been getting great mail to respond to. This weekend I’m going up to visit my sister in Boston (that’s the second one) since my other sister (the third) ditched me to gallivant around China. I know. I live a hard life.

I do have several things I wanted to blog about though, so hopefully I’ll get around to that on my collective eight hours of bus travel. Thank god for wifi…

What kind of music do you guys listen to on long rides?

On another note, is anyone here on Postcrossing or other postcard exchange sites? I’ve been a member for about a month now and I have to say that I am less than impressed. I probably have the wrong expectations, being a letter writer, but I’ve been disappointed with the brevity and content of what people write. A sentence about how they live in such and such a city and maybe a gold nugget like their favorite quote (I do like those!) and it’s “Happy Postcrossing and goodbye!” Does anyone get postcards with more substance? Are they super uncommon? What do you expect from/hope for/find satisfaction in postcards?

I may drop Postcrossing and look up another site or two for letter exchanges.